North Carolina Statutes

Chapter 8 Evidence

Article 1 - Statutes.

Article 2 - Grants, Deeds and Wills.

Article 3 - Public Records.

Article 3A - Findings, Records and Reports of Federal Officers and Employees.

Article 4 - Other Writings in Evidence.

Article 4A - Photographic Copies of Business and Public Records.

Article 4B - Evidence of Fraud, Duress, Undue Influence.

Article 5 - Life Tables.

  • § 8-46   Mortality tables as evidence
    Whenever it is necessary to establish the expectancy of continued life of any person from any period of the person's life, whether the person is...
  • § 8-47   Present worth of annuities
    Whenever it is necessary to establish the present worth or cash value of an annuity to a person, payable annually during the person's life, such...

Article 6 - Calendars.

  • § 8-48   Clark's Calendar; proof of dates
    (a) In any controversy or inquiry in any court or before any fact finding board, commission, administrative agency or other body, where it becomes necessary...

Article 7 - Competency of Witnesses.

Article 7A - Restrictions on Evidence in Rape Cases.

Article 7B - Expert Testimony.

Article 7C - Admissibility of Forensic Evidence.

  • § 8-58.20   Forensic analysis admissible as evidence
    (a) In any criminal prosecution, a laboratory report of a written forensic analysis, including an analysis of the defendant's DNA, or a forensic sample alleged...

Article 8 - Attendance of Witness.

Article 9 - Attendance of Witnesses from without State.

Article 10 - Depositions.

Article 11 - Perpetuation of Testimony.

Article 12 - Inspection and Production of Writings.

Article 13 - Photographs.

Article 14 - Chain of Custody.

Article 15 - Mediation Negotiations.

  • § 8-110   Inadmissibility of negotiations
    (a) Evidence of statements made and conduct occurring during mediation at a community mediation center authorized by G.S. 7A‑38.5 shall not be subject to discovery...