North Carolina Statutes

Chapter 73 Mills

Article 1 - Public Mills.

Article 2 - Condemnation for Mill by Owner of One Bank of Stream.

Article 3 - Condemnation for Races, Waterways, etc., by Owner of Mill or Millsite.

Article 4 - Recovery of Damages for Erection of Mill.

  • § 73-25   Action in superior court; procedure
    Any person conceiving himself injured by the erection of any gristmill, or mill for other useful purposes, may issue his summons returnable before the judge...
  • § 73-26   When dams, etc., abated as nuisances
    When damages are recovered in final judgment in such civil actions, and execution issues and is returned unsatisfied, and the plaintiff is not able to...
  • § 73-27   Judgment for annual sum as damages
    A judgment giving to the plaintiff an annual sum by way of damages shall be binding between the parties for five years from the issuing...
  • § 73-28   Final judgment; costs and execution
    If the final judgment of the court is that the plaintiff has sustained no damage, he shall pay the costs of his proceeding; but if...