North Carolina Statutes

Chapter 65 Cemeteries

Article 1 - Care of Rural Cemeteries.

Article 2 - Care of Confederate Cemetery.

Article 3 - Cemeteries for Inmates of County Homes.

  • § 65-5   County commissioners may establish new cemeteries
    The boards of county commissioners of the various counties in the State are authorized and empowered to locate and establish new graveyards or cemeteries upon...
  • § 65-6   Removal and reinterment of bodies
    Whenever the county commissioners have established new graveyards or cemeteries, they are authorized and empowered to remove to such graveyards or cemeteries all bodies of...

Article 4 - Trust Funds for the Care of Cemeteries.

Article 5 - Removal of Graves.

Article 6 - Cemetery Associations.

Article 7 - Cemeteries Operated for Private Gain.

Article 7A - Funeral and Burial Trust Funds.

Article 8 - Municipal Cemeteries.

Article 8A - Veterans Cemeteries.

  • § 65-41   Land acquisition
    The State may accept land for the establishment of not more than three veterans cemeteries. (1987, c. 183, s. 1.)
  • § 65-42   Location of cemeteries
    These veterans cemeteries may be located in those regions of the State with a high concentration of veterans including the 3rd, 7th and 11th United...
  • § 65-43   Definitions
    For purposes of this Article, the following definitions shall apply, unless the context requires otherwise: (1) "Honorable military service" means: a. Service on active duty,...
  • § 65-43.1   Eligibility for interment in a State veterans cemetery
    (a) The following persons are eligible for interment at a State veterans cemetery: (1) A qualified veteran. (2) The spouse, widow, or widower of a...
  • § 65-43.2   Proof of eligibility
    (a) The veteran, his survivors, or his legal representative shall furnish any evidence necessary to establish the eligibility of the veteran or the family member...
  • § 65-43.3   Bars to eligibility
    A veteran may not be interred in a State veterans cemetery under any of the following circumstances: (1) He was discharged or dismissed on the...
  • § 65-43.4   Disinterment
    (a) When a veteran fails to abide by his agreement to be interred in the same grave site as his previously interred eligible family member,...
  • § 65-43.5   Reinterment
    (a) The remains of a qualified veteran or the remains of an eligible family member may be moved to a State veterans cemetery for reinterment,...
  • § 65-43.6   State veterans cemeteries cost
    (a) There may be no charge for the grave site or the interment service of a qualified veteran. There may be a minimal charge, to...
  • § 65-44   Days for burial
    Notwithstanding any other provision of law, burial services shall be conducted at the Coastal Carolina State Veterans Cemetery and the Sandhills State Veterans Cemetery from...
  • § 65-45   Reserved for future codification purposes

Article 9 - North Carolina Cemetery Act.

Article 10 - Access to and Maintenance of Private Graves and Abandoned Public Cemeteries.

Article 11 - Minimum Burial Depth.

Article 12 - Abandoned and Neglected Cemeteries.