North Carolina Statutes

Chapter 62 Public Utilities

Article 1 - General Provisions.

  • § 62-1   Short title
    This Chapter shall be known and may be cited as the Public Utilities Act. (1963, c. 1165, s. 1.)
  • § 62-2   Declaration of policy
    (a) Upon investigation, it has been determined that the rates, services and operations of public utilities as defined herein, are affected with the public interest...
  • § 62-3   Definitions
    As used in this Chapter, unless the context otherwise requires, the term: (1) "Broadband service" means any service that consists of or includes a high‑speed...
  • § 62-4   Applicability of Chapter
    This Chapter shall not terminate the preexisting Commission or appointments thereto, or any certificates, permits, orders, rules or regulations issued by it or any other...
  • § 62-5 through 62-9   Reserved for future codification purposes

Article 2 - Organization of Utilities Commission.

Article 3 - Powers and Duties of Utilities Commission.

Article 4 - Procedure Before the Commission.

Article 5 - Review and Enforcement of Orders.

Article 5A - Siting of Transmission Lines.

  • § 62-100   Definitions
    As used in this Article: (1) The term "begin to construct" includes any clearing of land, excavation, or other action that would adversely affect the...
  • § 62-101   Certificate to construct transmission line
    (a) No public utility or any other person may begin to construct a new transmission line without first obtaining from the Commission a certificate of...
  • § 62-102   Application for certificate
    (a) An applicant for the certificate described in G.S. 62‑101 shall file an application with the Commission containing the following information: (1) The reasons the...
  • § 62-103   Parties
    (a) The following persons shall be parties to a certification proceeding under this Article: (1) The applicant; (2) The Public Staff. (b) The following persons...
  • § 62-104   Hearings
    (a) The Commission shall schedule a hearing upon each application filed under this Article not more than 120 days after the filing and shall conclude...
  • § 62-105   Burden of proof; decision
    (a) The burden of proof is on the applicant in all cases under this Article, except that any party proposing an alternative location for the...
  • § 62-106   Effect of local ordinances
    Within 30 days after receipt of notice of an application as provided by G.S. 62‑102, a municipality or county shall file with the Commission and...
  • § 62-107   Rules
    Pursuant to G.S. 62‑31, the Commission may adopt rules to carry out the purposes of this Article. In addition, the Commission shall adopt rules requiring...
  • § 62-108   Reserved for future codification purposes
  • § 62-109   Reserved for future codification purposes

Article 6 - The Utility Franchise.

Article 6A - Radio Common Carriers.

Article 7 - Rates of Public Utilities.

Article 8 - Securities Regulation.

Article 9 - Acquisition and Condemnation of Property.

Article 10 - Transportation in General.

Article 11 - Railroads.

Article 12 - Motor Carriers.

Article 12A - Human Service Transportation.

  • § 62-289.1   Short title
    This Article shall be known and may be cited as the "North Carolina Act to Remove Barriers to Coordinating Human Service and Volunteer Transportation". (1981,...
  • § 62-289.2   Purpose
    In order to promote improved transportation for the elderly, handicapped and residents of rural areas and small towns through an expanded and coordinated transportation network,...
  • § 62-289.3   Definitions
    As used in this Article: (1) "Human service agency" means any charitable or governmental agency including, but not limited to: county departments of social services,...
  • § 62-289.4   Classification of transportation
    The forms of transportation defined in G.S. 62‑289.3(2) and (5) shall be classified as "human service transportation" and "volunteer transportation" for purposes of regulation, insurance,...
  • § 62-289.5   Inapplicable laws and regulations
    Human services transportation and volunteer transportation shall not be considered as for‑hire transportation, commercial transportation or motor carriers, as defined by G.S. 62‑3(17). Such transportation...
  • § 62-289.6   Insurance for volunteers
    Human service agencies are authorized to purchase insurance to cover persons who provide volunteer transportation. (1981, c. 792, s. 1.)
  • § 62-289.7   Municipal licenses and taxes
    No county, city, town, municipal corporation or other unit of local government may impose a special tax on or require a special license for human...

Article 13 - Reorganization of Public Utilities.

Article 14 - Fees and Charges.

Article 15 - Penalties and Actions.

Article 16 - Security Provisions.

  • § 62-333   Screening employment applications
    The Chief Personnel Officer or his designee of any public utility franchised to do business in North Carolina shall be permitted to obtain from the...