North Carolina Statutes

Chapter 47A Unit Ownership

Article 1 - Unit Ownership Act.

Article 2 - Renters in Conversion Buildings Protected.

  • § 47A-34   Definitions
    The definitions set out in G.S. 47A‑3 also apply to this Article. As used in this Article, unless the context requires otherwise, the term: (1)...
  • § 47A-35   Offering statement
    An offering statement must contain or fully and accurately disclose: (1) The name and principal address of the declarant; (2) A general description of the...
  • § 47A-36   Time to vacate; right of first refusal to purchase
    (a) A declarant of a condominium containing conversion buildings, and any person in the business of selling real estate for his own account who intends...
  • § 47A-37   Applicability
    This Article applies to condominiums of five or more units created on or after January 1, 1984. (1983, c. 624, s. 1.)