North Carolina Statutes

Chapter 31 Wills

Article 1 - Execution of Will.

Article 2 - Revocation of Will.

Article 3 - Witnesses to Will.

Article 4 - Depository for Wills.

Article 4A - Self-Proved Wills.

  • § 31-11.6   How attested wills may be made self-proved
    (a) Any will may be simultaneously executed, attested, and made self‑proved, by acknowledgment thereof by the testator and affidavits of the witnesses, each made before...

Article 5 - Probate of Will.

Article 6 - Caveat to Will.

Article 7 - Construction of Will.

Article 8 - Testamentary Additions to Trusts.

  • § 31-47   Testamentary additions to trusts
    (a) A will may validly devise property to: (1) The trustee of a trust established before the testator's death by the testator, by the testator...

Article 9 - Incorporation by Reference; Acts of Independent Significance.

  • § 31-51   Incorporation by reference
    A writing in existence when a will is executed may be incorporated by reference if the language of the will manifests this intent and describes...
  • § 31-52   Acts and events of independent significance
    A will may dispose of property by reference to acts and events that have significance apart from their effect upon the disposition made by the...