North Carolina Statutes

Chapter 19A Protection of Animals

Article 1 - Civil Remedy for Protection of Animals.

  • § 19A-1   Definitions
    The following definitions apply in this Article: (1) The term "animals" includes every living vertebrate in the classes Amphibia, Reptilia, Aves, and Mammalia except human...
  • § 19A-1.1   Exemptions
    This Article shall not apply to the following: (1) The lawful taking of animals under the jurisdiction and regulation of the Wildlife Resources Commission, except...
  • § 19A-2   Purpose
    It shall be the purpose of this Article to provide a civil remedy for the protection and humane treatment of animals in addition to any...
  • § 19A-3   Preliminary injunction; care of animal pending hearing on the merits
    (a) Upon the filing of a verified complaint in the district court in the county in which cruelty to an animal has allegedly occurred, the...
  • § 19A-4   Permanent injunction
    (a) In accordance with G.S. 1A‑1, Rule 65, a district court judge in the county in which the original action was brought shall determine the...
  • § 19A-5 through 19A-9   Reserved for future codification purposes

Article 2 - Protection of Black Bears.

Article 3 - Animal Welfare Act.

Article 4 - Animal Cruelty Investigators.

Article 5 - Spay/Neuter Program.

Article 6 - Care of Animal Subjected to Illegal Treatment.