North Carolina Statutes

Chapter 159G Water Infrastructure

Article 1 - General Provisions.

Article -

Article 1 - General Provisions.

Article 2 - Water Infrastructure Loans and Grants Administered by Department.

Article 3 - Reserved.

Article 4 - State Water Infrastructure Commission.

  • § 159G-65   State Water Infrastructure Commission
    (a) Purpose. The State Water Infrastructure Commission is established in the Office of the Governor. The purpose of the Commission is to identify the State's...
  • § 159G-66   Duties of the Commission
    The Commission has the following duties: (1) To assess and make recommendations on the role of the State in the development and funding of wastewater,...
  • § 159G-67   Commission reports
    The Commission must publish an annual report by 1 November of each year on its activity and findings. The Commission must give a copy of...