North Carolina Statutes

Chapter 159B Joint Municipal Electric Power and Energy Ac

Article 1 - Short Title, Legislative Findings and Definitions.

  • § 159B-1   Short title
    This Chapter may be cited as the "Joint Municipal Electric Power and Energy Act." (1975, c. 186, s. 1.)
  • § 159B-2   Legislative findings and purposes
    The General Assembly hereby finds and determines that: A critical situation exists with respect to the present and future supply of electric power and energy...
  • § 159B-3   Definitions
    The following terms whenever used or referred to in this Chapter shall have the following respective meanings unless a different meaning clearly appears from the...

Article 2 - Joint Agencies; Municipalities.

Article 3 - Joint Municipal Assistance Agencies.

Article 4 - Construction.

  • § 159B-52   Chapter liberally construed
    In order to effectuate the purposes and policies prescribed in this Chapter the provisions hereof shall be liberally construed. (1975, c. 186, s. 3; 1983,...