North Carolina Statutes

Chapter 15 Criminal Procedure

Article 1 - General Provisions.

Article 2 - Record and Disposition of Seized, etc., Articles.

Article 3 - Warrants.

Article 4 - Search Warrants.

Article 4A - Administrative Search and Inspection Warrants.

Article 5 - Peace Warrants.

Article 6 - Arrest.

Article 7 - Fugitives from Justice.

Article 8 - Extradition.

Article 9 - Preliminary Examination.

Article 10 - Bail.

Article 11 - Forfeiture of Bail.

Article 12 - Commitment to Prison.

Article 13 - Venue.

Article 14 - Presentment.

Article 15 - Indictment.

Article 15A - Investigation of Offenses Involving Abandonment and Nonsupport of Children.

Article 15B - Pretrial Examination of Witnesses and Exhibits of the State.

Article 16 - Trial before Justice.

Article 17 - Trial in Superior Court.

Article 17A - Informing Jury in Case Involving Death Penalty.

Article 17B - Informing Jury of Possible Punishment upon Conviction.

Article 18 - Appeal.

Article 19 - Execution.

Article 19A - Credits against the Service of Sentences and for Attainment of Prison Privileges.

  • § 15-196.1   Credits allowed
    The minimum and maximum term of a sentence shall be credited with and diminished by the total amount of time a defendant has spent, committed...
  • § 15-196.2   Allowance in cases of multiple sentences
    In the event time creditable under this section shall have been spent in custody as the result of more than one pending charge, resulting in...
  • § 15-196.3   Effect of credit
    Time creditable under this section shall reduce the minimum and maximum term of a sentence; and, irrespective of sentence, shall reduce the time required to...
  • § 15-196.4   Procedures for judicial award
    Upon sentencing or activating a sentence, the judge presiding shall determine the credits to which the defendant is entitled and shall cause the clerk to...

Article 20 - Suspension of Sentence and Probation.

Article 21 - Segregation of Youthful Offenders.

Article 22 - Review of Criminal Trials.

Article 23 - Expunction of Records.