North Carolina Statutes

Chapter 114 Department of Justice

Article 1 - Attorney General.

Article 2 - Division of Legislative Drafting and Codification of Statutes.

  • § 114-9   Creation of Division; powers and duties
    The Attorney General shall set up in the Department of Justice a division to be designated as the Division of Legislative Drafting and Codification of...
  • § 114-9.1   Revisor of Statutes
    The member of the staff of the Attorney General who is assigned to perform the duties prescribed by G.S. 114‑9(3) shall be known as the...

Article 3 - Division of Criminal Statistics.

Article 3A - Special Prosecution Division.

  • § 114-11.6   Division established; duties
    There is hereby established in the office of the Attorney General of North Carolina, a Special Prosecution Division. The attorneys assigned to this Division shall...

Article 4 - State Bureau of Investigation.

Article 5 - Law Enforcement Officers' Minimum Salary Act.

Article 6 - Office of the Inspector General.

Article 7 - Methamphetamine Watch Program.